Business Transactions and Strategic Growth

We believe that non-profits are entrepreneurial businesses. They grow and succeed by creating and taking advantage of strategic opportunities for growth and expansion. With our business expertise (our managing attorney has an M.B.A. in addition to a law degree) and knowledge of the non-profit business” world, we deliver legal solutions that are practical and facilitate their success.

Many opportunities for non-profits develop organically” that is, they arise naturally as the organization grows and achieves successes. The opportunities may take the form of new services and lines of business,” or through joint ventures and other collaborations with both non-profits and for-profits.

Every transaction, new service and opportunity a non-profit enters into must comply with multiple tax, corporation and charity laws. Failure to comply results in tax penalties and even revocation of tax-exemption. At The Law Firm for Non-Profits, we guide clients to ensure they meet such requirements.

We support and advise non-profits in the wide range of non-profits’ business transactions that are regulated by the IRS and states’ Attorneys General, including:

  • Consideration and approval of executive compensation arrangements and transactions with board members (all of which are deemed unlawful if not approval per statutory requirements);
  • Mergers (whether with non-profits or for-profits);
  • Sales of assets;
  • Conversions of non-profits to for-profits and vice-versa;
  • Establishment of for-profit subsidiaries;
  • Legally compliant joint ventures with for-profit businesses;
  • Corporate sponsorships;
  • Donor-advised funds;
  • Fiscal sponsorships; and
  • Arranging and developing strategic alliances.

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