Legal Services

Complex Business Transactions

The experts at The Law Firm for Non-Profits provide support for more than legal matters. Recognizing that every transaction a non-profit enters into must comply with tax and corporate (non-profit) law, we guide transactions (and the clients behind them) to ensure they stay compliant with IRS requirements. With our business expertise and knowledge of the non-profit business world, we also help make sure our legal solutions are practical.

We support and guide people and non-profits in these areas:

  • Sales and mergers of non-profit assets
  • Conversions of non-profits to for-profits and vice-versa
  • Establishment of for-profit subsidiaries
  • Joint ventures with for-profit businesses structured to avoid jeopardizing the non-profit’s tax-exempt status
  • Corporate sponsorships and “qualified sponsorship payments”
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Fiscal sponsorship
  • Supporting organizations
  • Arranging and developing strategic alliances
  • Permissible lobbying activity and avoiding unlawful campaign activity

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