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IRS Tax Exempt Orgs Homepage
IRS Life Cycle of a Public Charity/Private Foundation
Internal Revenue Code, Treasury (Tax) Regulations, & Other Official Tax Guidance
Internal Revenue Code Sec. 501
IRS Form 990 Series Instructions
IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard)
Other IRS Forms & Publications


Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law (Sections 5110-6910)
Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law (Sections 7110-8910)
Non-profit Religious Corporation Law (Sections 9110-9690)
Attorney General Charities Division
Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts
Franchise Tax Board Charities and Non-profits (Exempt Orgs)
Secretary of State
Board of Equalization
CalGold (Lists all registration, licensing, and other requirements by location within CA)


Center for High Impact Philanthropy
Compass Point
Council on Foundations
Independent Sector
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Non-profit Risk Management Center
Non-Profit Sector Leadership Program
National Council of Non-profit Associations
The Society for Non-profit Organizations
Non-profit Management Solutions
Tides Foundation
Foundation Source
Fiscal Sponsors Directory


Unified Registration Statement
National Association of State Charity Officials

Alabama Secretary of State
Alabama Attorney General, Charitable Organizations Section
Alaska Department of Commerce
Alaska Department of Law Charities & Paid Solicitors
Arkansas Secretary of State
Arkansas Attorney General Charitable Registration
Colorado Secretary of State, Charities and Fundraisers Section
Colorado Attorney General, Charities Section
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Info for Public Charities & Paid Solicitors
Connecticut Attorney General, Charities Information
Delaware Department of State
D.C. Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
Florida Department of State
Georgia Secretary of State, Charitable Org Registration Info
Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Hawaii Tax and Charities Division
Idaho Secretary of State
Illinois Attorney General, Building Better Charities
Illinois Department of Revenue, Non-Profit Organizations
Indiana Secretary of State
Indiana Attorney General, About Charities
Iowa Secretary of State, Forming a Non-profit
Iowa Attorney General, Charitable Trust Registration
Kansas Secretary of State, Charitable Organizations
Kentucky Attorney General, Charitable Giving
Louisiana Secretary of State
Louisiana Attorney General, Charities
Maine Secretary of State, Non-Profit Corporations
Maine Attorney General, Laws Relating to Public Charities
Maryland Secretary of State, Non-Profit Organization
Maryland Attorney General, Nonprofit Organizations & Charities
Massachusetts Secretary of State, Non-Profit Corporation Forms
Massachusetts Attorney General, Public Charities or Not-for-Profits
Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs, Non-profit Corporation Filing Info
Michigan Attorney General, Charities
Minnesota Secretary of State, Non-profit Corporations
Minnesota Attorney General, Charities
Mississippi Secretary of State, Business Services for Non-Profits
Mississippi Secretary of State, Charities
Missouri Secretary of State
Missouri Attorney General, Charitable Solicitations Law
Montana Secretary of State
Montana Attorney General, For Nonprofits
Nebraska Secretary of State
Nevada Secretary of State, Charitable Organizations
Nevada Secretary of State, Non-profit Entities
New Hampshire Secretary of State, Non-profits Forms and Laws
New Hampshire Attorney General, Charitable Trusts Unit
New Jersey Department of State, Nonprofit Information
New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety, Charities Registration Section
New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, Start/Register a Non-Profit
New Mexico Attorney General, Charitable Organizations
New York Department of State
New York Attorney General, Charities Bureau
New York Guide to Sales Tax for Exempt Orgs
North Carolina Secretary of State
North Dakota Secretary of State, Non-profit Services
Ohio Secretary of State, Starting a Non-profit
Ohio Attorney General, Charitable Registration
Oklahoma Secretary of State, Procedures for Organizing a Not For Profit Corporation
Oregon Secretary of State, Non-profit Services
Oregon Attorney General, Information for Charities
Pennsylvania Secretary of State
Pennsylvania Attorney General, Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section
Rhode Island Secretary of State
Rhode Island Attorney General, Charitable Trusts Unit
South Carolina Secretary of State, Public Charities
South Dakota Secretary of State, Domestic Non-profit Corporations
Tennessee Department of State, Filing Guide for Non-profit Organizations
Tennessee Attorney General, Non-profits and Charitable Trusts/Gifts
Texas Secretary of State, Non-profit Organizations
Texas Attorney General, Charities & Non-profits
Utah Department of Commerce
Vermont Secretary of State, Non-profit Organizations
Vermont Attorney General, Charities/Paid Fundraisers
Virginia State Corporation Commission
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Washington Secretary of State, Charities Program
West Virginia Secretary of State
Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services, Charitable Organizations
Wyoming Secretary of State