International Activities

U.S. non-profit organizations that operate outside the country must comply with additional laws imposed by Congress and the IRS.

A rarity in the industry, we have extensive experience with private foundations and other non-profits that make grants overseas and engage in cross-border work. From simple” grant-making involving non-U.S. entities to having operations overseas and everything in between, we can help you protect your international activities.

We support and guide non-profits in a wide range of international areas, including:

  • Federal requirements for grant-making to overseas organizations;
  • “Friends of” organizations to support foreign non-profits;
  • Expenditure responsibility and foreign equivalency requirements for grants to foreign charities;
  • Risk management for U.S. charities operating overseas; and
  • Compliance with U.S. Treasury Department anti-terrorism guidelines (including the USA Patriot Act).

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