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International Grant-Making, Transactions and Activities

U.S. non-profit organizations that operate outside of the country – for “simple” grant-making to non-U.S. entities to having operations overseas and everything in between – must comply with additional laws imposed by Congress and the IRS in addition to all of the other regulations they must live by.

The experts at the The Law Firm for Non-Profits have extensive experience working with private foundations and other non-profits that makes grants overseas and with U.S. non-profits that do work across the border.

We support and guide people and non-profits in these areas:

  • Federal requirements for grant-making to overseas organizations
  • Foreign charity U.S. equivalency requirements for private foundations and donor advised funds engaged in international grant-making
  • Risk management for U.S. charities operating overseas
  • Compliance with U.S. Treasury Department anti-terrorism guidelines (including the USA Patriot Act)
  • Expenditure responsibility requirements as they apply to foreign grant-making
  • Utilization of “friends of” organizations to support foreign non-profits
  • Deductibility of donations to U.S. non-profits from foreign citizens

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