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Revenue Generation and Social Enterprise

While revenue generating activities (as opposed to donated income) are an increasingly critical element in the non-profit world, they are fraught with peril if done incorrectly. At The Law Firm for Non-Profits, we are experts in working with non-profits to develop earned income and other revenue sources that do not breach IRS regulations.

We support and guide people and non-profits in these areas:

  • Royalty payments
  • Related business income generation from activities that further your exempt purposes
  • Creation of for-profit subsidiaries
  • Unrelated business income generated, which generally is taxable
  • Commercial activities
  • Creation and management of social enterprises
  • Raffles, sweepstakes and gaming (e.g., “casino nights”)
  • Program related investments and social investments
  • Creation of hybrid non-profit – for-profit business structures to optimize mission driven “social enterprises”

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