Revenue Generation

While revenue-generating activities (vs. donated income) are increasingly critical, non-profits must comply with complex IRS regulations to avoid income tax on that revenue (so-called unrelated business income) and the loss of tax-exemption that such activity can result in. We are expert in working with non-profits to develop earned income that avoids taxation and otherwise complies with IRS regulations.

We support and guide non-profits in a wide range of revenue-generating areas, including:

  • Monetizing their assets and programs;
  • Royalty and rental payments;
  • Setting up income-generating activity to avoid or minimize unrelated business income tax;
  • Creation of for-profit subsidiaries;
  • Commercial activities;
  • Charity auctions, raffles, sweepstakes, and gaming (e.g., casino nights”); and
  • Creation of hybrid non-profit/for-profit business structures to optimize mission driven social enterprises.”

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