Regulatory Compliance and IRS and Attorney General Audits

The scariest thing a non-profit will ever face is an IRS or Attorney General audit. This can be avoided with good counsel, guiding non-profit boards and executives in complying with the law. The Law Firm for Non-Profits helps clients wade through the quagmire of laws affecting non-profits so that you can avoid trouble with the IRS and California state Attorney General.

Put simply, we work with non-profits to help them avoid being the targets of state and federal regulators. In the rare case that it happens to a firm client or if your organization is unlucky enough to be audited we remove the terror of an audit and get the work done. We have successfully handled dozens of audits and other regulatory investigations over the last three decades.

We support and guide non-profits in a wide range of regulatory matters overseen by the IRS and states’ Attorneys General, including:

  • Audits;
  • Reviews of tax returns;
  • Dissolutions and insolvencies;
  • Property tax exemptions;
  • Charitable solicitation and fundraising registrations across the U.S.;
  • Meeting public support tests;
  • Corporate sponsorships; and
  • Permissible lobbying activity and political activity.

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