Legal Services

At The Law Firm for Non-Profits, we provide a full range of legal services for non-profit organizations, all focused specifically on the nuances of tax-exemption and non-profit entity law.

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We support and guide people and non-profits in these areas:

  • Formation and tax exemption for new non-profits
  • Revisions of bylaws and changes in governance structure
  • Self-dealing and other insider transactions
  • Revenue generation and other issues related to for-profit subsidiaries and social enterprises
  • Ensuring compliance with tax and corporate laws and regulations
  • Private foundation and operating foundation concerns
  • Unrelated business income issues
  • Structural changes to non-profits and their related entities, including mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions
  • Donor and donation issues and questions
  • Director liability and fiduciary duty
  • Legal and operations reviews and audits
  • Consulting and advising on sponsorships, joint ventures and other special circumstances

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