Nicole Motter, Of Counsel

Nicole Motter is one of the country’s leading experts on program-related investments (PRIs) and innovative finance for foundations. A lifelong change maker, Nicole spent nearly a decade working directly in non-profits (as an undergrad, she minored in Nonprofit Management) before going to law school to pursue social impact on a larger scale. There she discovered the concepts of social enterprise, which tremendously influenced her journey. She has since cultivated a career that combines her wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in ground-level program development and implementation, research and education, and corporate and impact investing law. She has worked for youth development non-profits, international human rights organizations and major law firms alike.

With an eye toward scalable, sustainable change, Nicole loves nothing more than helping foundations design exciting new ways to use their grant money, including helping find high-quality, highly innovative recipient organizations where applicable. She specializes in working with private foundations to mobilize PRI capital, providing all legal and integrative services to make the process as easy and accessible as possible. She has worked with a number of foundations to facilitate PRI transactions, design PRI funds, create internal PRI policies and procedures, and assist boards and staff in integrating PRIs and other innovative financial vehicles into their existing framework. With a thorough understanding of the complex and diverse needs and interests of private foundations, Nicole is equipped to tailor innovative finance strategies for each individual grantmaker, no matter how big or small. She also works with social enterprises on business model design, entity formation, and funding strategy.

Nicole speaks regularly at a variety of events, publishes to platforms such as Forbes, Family Foundation Advisor and Conscious Company on social finance and social enterprise-related topics, and works with some of the most high-impact, nationally acclaimed social enterprises and foundations in recent years. Nicole is licensed to practice law in Georgia.